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Hi, I'm Nicki!

Choosing Illuminic isn’t just about training sessions; it’s about investing in a brighter, more successful future for your organisation and all it’s employee’s. 

Let us guide you in illuminating potential, sparking growth, and creating a thriving culture that sets your company apart.

Why Illuminc?

At Illuminic, we don’t just conduct training sessions; we engineer transformative experiences that bring out the best in individuals and drive organisational success. Here’s why choosing us is the key to unlocking your team’s full potential:

Illuminate Potential: We specialise in unlocking capabilities within individuals which allow them to gain deeper insight into themselves and harness their understanding of others. Through Insights Discovery Profiles and innovative training sessions, we help individuals recognise and appreciate their unique strengths, empowering them to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to your organisation’s success.

Spark Growth: Our training isn’t just about personal development; it’s about catalysing growth within your people. By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and learning, we allow your people to develop a growth mindset so they can foster innovation and enhance productivity, allowing them to support the growth of the company.

Culture Transformation: We understand that a positive and inclusive culture is the cornerstone of a thriving organisation. Our use of psychometric testing enables us to deeply understand individuals’ behaviours and preferences, facilitating better teamwork, communication, and synergy within your teams.

Results-Driven Approach: We’re committed to tangible outcomes. Our programs are meticulously designed and adapted to your needs in order to deliver measurable results, ensuring a clear return on your investment in our training sessions.

Illuminate Potential

Spark Growth

Cultural Transformation

This is the type of challenge we thrive on at Illuminic training.

It is said that humans forget 50% of what they are taught within 1 hour of learning. Increasing to 70% within 24 hours.

So, how can we produce training where learners remember more and make practical changes in the workplace to embed their learning over time?

Some of our techniques include:

-Providing engaging and active training which allows participants to get practically involved.

-Sharing personalised stories and examples, and encouraging the same from participants.

– Group discussions and exercises.

-Parting gifts for participants, such as Insights building blocks. 

Each technique has proven results in embedding the learning with all involved.

At Illuminic training we do this by using the following tried and tested means.

Highly engaging and emotionally intelligent trainers

Who sit high on the energy scale but can also adapt to the room and learner style, getting everyone involved in their own way.

Active and inclusive training sessions

Our training sessions include practical activities, that use all the space we have. We incorporate each learning style.

Post-training follow up

with set activities or quick tips to be implemented systematically that can make tangible returns on investment.

Surprise gifts

to get colleagues talking and create subtle daily reminders.

“The more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us can be”

Here at Illuminic Training We Are A Very Proud Licensed Practitioner of Insights Discovery.

1- Training sessions tailored to support your organisation's people strategy.

2- Helps both individuals and organisations gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Neuro Inclusivity in the Workplace

Statistics show that around 1 in 7 individuals are neuro-divergent, highlighting the importance of understanding and embracing these differences in the professional setting.

There has been an increase in legal cases in recent years, based around reasonable adjustment for the Neuro-divergent (ND) community. Making this type of training no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is essential to be proactive, allowed ND employees to thrive while creating understanding for leaders and others so that inclusion comes naturally. 

Neuro-divergent employees often possess unique strengths that greatly benefit companies if, and it is a big IF, we create these inclusive environments before it becomes a need. We prepare our office environment for wheelchair users so why not for those with neurological disabilities to?


Here's What Our Amazing Clients Have Had To Say

Dan Gibson Director Daniel Craig Residential

Nicki has worked diligently with us to develop a detailed training program tailored to our goals as a business and I am very much looking forward to seeing the further benefits it brings. I would highly recommend her services to other businesses with growing teams.

Miles Quarless Director

I can think of no one better suited in moving the dial forward in training and development. Neuro-inclusive, authentic and personalised. Training that not only delivers on its goals, but leaves its audience engaged and will live on in your workforce and organisation long after it’s delivered.

Jacqueline Ross Rituals of Love

Nicki is an extremely intuitive trainer who brings fun and passion to her training sessions. I would highly recommend Nicki to the fresh approach she brings to her discovery workshops.

Nadia Sophia Khammash Workplace Safety & Facilities Business Partner Nichols PLC

Great communication from the offset, thoroughly engaging workshop for what we were looking for. Would highly recommend reaching out to Nicki to support your business with any Neurodiversity topics and training.

Colleen D'Arcy People Advisor Vimto

Nicki supported us when we were looking to provide an educational training session about Neurodiversity. She was fantastic, listening to what we would like but also providing a balance offering her insights and experience to create a perfect personalised session. I am amazed by the huge impact her session has had on the business already!

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